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Dominic MapstoneContact Us

Contact: Dominic Mapstone B.Soc.Wk

Email: dominic at goingrank dot com

Phone: 0419 433 584

Location: Brisbane, Australia.

Skype: Available on request.

Pictured Middle Right: Sarah (Editor of and programing assistant).

Email: sarah at goingrank dot com

Pictured Bottom Right: Gerry (In-house Software Developer) with Jazmin (gereral lay-about and feet warmer).

SarahEmail: gerry at goingrank dot com.

What to put on a Contact Us Page

The most valuable thing you can put on your contact us page is a photo of yourself and your staff. It doesn't matter what you look like, when people see a 'real person' they relate more easily and feel more comfortable when they contact you.

List your email address, so people can see it. Don't use a contact us form - they annoy a lot of people and give the impression that their message is being submitted to a computer instead of being read and responded to by a person.

The most important exercise in online marketing is to come out from behind cyberspace and draw your customers into a sense of connection with real people.

One of many things we find while fixing websites is the phone number is listed with the +61 international calling code on websites that would have no reason to recieve a call from overseas.

Gerry and JazminIf you are expecting calls from clients or suppliers overseas, list both versions of your number - the normal Aussie version and the number for people calling from overseas.

When listing your email address, either spell it out as I do above or create an image file with the email address in the image. This will serve to decrease the amount of spam emails you recieve.

If you don't list your physical address, list your location as above or the areas your business services if it is limited to a specific city or region. When you do list a physical address, include a photo of your location so people know what to look for when they visit you.

If you list your contact details on every page of your website, it is still good practice to have a 'Contact Us' page listed in your menu as website users are very much used to looking at the menu to find that information.


Funds raised are invested in these community projects for homeless people and also for young people celebrating Schoolies safely.

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