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The internet has become more accessable to your average Joe Neanderthal enabling people to publish negative comments about your company brand name or personal name on websites whose pages potentially rank well in search engines. More sophisticated commentators can employ advanced techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation. They can potentially detract significantly from your reputation via Google search results with negative comments or claims.

Legal assistance to remove these comments often moves very slowly and can in many cases not provide a result that removes the negative comment.

We can help by stacking the Google search results and putting space between your brand name / official website, pushing their comment down the line of search results to no man's land.

We can also insulate your brand name or personal name to sure up your online reputation and protect it from future potential attacks even if you haven't been impacted by this yet.

Google Reputation Management is a very important service all businesses should have in place before there is a problem.

To insulate your band name online contact us.

Note: You must be able to provide proof of brand or name..

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