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Every website is made up by a number of files that combine together to produce pages people can view. People visiting your website are often directed to one web page or another on your website by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo .

Search Engine Optimisation is an expert practice of classifying your files and managing how they are referenced by other websites based on best practice standards and advanced compeditive research.

We specalise in the practice of Search Engine Optimisation and have delivered significant results for our existing clients.

Our work with you will involve two main developments to your website:

On-page Optimisation: This involves changing some behind the scenes markers to more effectively classify your pages and some visable changes to pages that indicate to search engines more effectively what phrases or keywords you want to compete for on a page by page basis.

It amounts to what you have to say on your own website about what search terms you want to compete for.

Off-site Optimisation: The big innovation that revolutionalised the internet and made Google the way we search is a system that takes note of how webpages link to eachother and grading the importance of webpages based on what other webpages link to them and how authoritive that 'vote' or reference is valued.

The notion of on-page optimisation being what you say about yourself, and off-site optimisation being about what other websites say about your website and how they say it.

For example, if the most successful website in your industry linked to your website, it would be a clear signal to search engines that they consider your website to be credible within your industry.

The math, science and language semantics behind attracting the right websites to link to yours in a way that puts your web pages in top search results is the arena of experts like us in Search Engine Optimisation.

I can explain further how search engine optimization works when we meet, it's vital to your website that you understand my work at least at the conceptual level.

I've studied search engines and search engine optimisation for more than seven years and my expertise has delivered significant results for my clients throughout Australia.

If you want to double your website traffic to start with and bring in many thousands more interested customers, contact us for a free assessment of your website.

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