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How to Write a Press Release

...and gain valuable links from newspaper websites.

News coverage of your business is of great value, existing clients have access to our support with every aspect of Press Release preparation and getting that press release in the hands of the right journalist.

Your website's ranking on search engines could benefit very significantly from news coverage resulting from your press release if it is linked to in the online version of the news article.

Newspaper websites are highly regarded as 'authority' websites by search engines, as they have a large amount of content every day that is linked to by a vast array of other websites.

To check if Google considers a newspaper website a trusted source:

  1. The baseline credential is that their articles are carried by Google News.
  2. The offline indicator is if you can go to a news stand and purchase that newspaper.

Links from credible news websites are highly regarded by search engines.

Obtaining links from authority newspaper websites ranges from impossible even if they do a story on your company to dead easy with a polite phone call.

The objective is to have a news story on that highly regarded news website about your keyword topic area contain a link to your website.

This week alone websites under our management received over 100 links from the highly regarded newspaper websites.

Don't waste your time with online press release distribution services, links in press releases are worth nothing compared to links from highly regarded newspaper websites. Speaking of mistakes, here is a quick rundown of the top 50 mistakes made in a press release.

  1. In the Press Release stage, mention your website and request a link to your website in the online version of the article with clickable text for 'the convenience' of online readers.
  2. If your press release is successful and your news is covered but no link appears, follow up with a phone call to the journalist and politely ask that a link be added for 'the convenience' of online readers.

I've been writing a book over the past few years about how to write a press release and gain those highly valuable links from news websites.

When the press release book is ready I'll release it on this webpage, so go ahead and bookmark it or send me an email and I'll alert you when it's available for download.

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