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Profiled Clients

Mobility EngineeringMobility Engineering -
Search Engine Optimisation - Internet Marketing Consulting - Website Graphic Design
Traffic: Over 4,500 unique visitors per month (originally 100 per month)

"We have been using Dominic's services for more than a year now and it was one of our best decisions. He has helped us in many aspects of our website design including graphic layouts, menu system and free tips based on his experiences. We use Dominic as the webmaster for our company. We have been particularly impressed with the popularity and ranking of our website since Dominic's involvement with it. Our web inquiries have extensively increased since we have used his services. I recommend him to any company who wishes to increase their web traffic effectively and efficiently." - Morry Akbarian.

Kate KeltonKate Kelton - Official Website Actor / Artist -
Search Engine Optimisation - Internet Marketing Consulting - Google Reputation Management - Brand Management

"Dominic has been incredibly invaluable to me over the years, from building the site from the ground up to taking care of the ins'n'outs of managing it ever since.

He's incredibly generous with his brain; and sometimes it feels like I've got two at my disposal just because he's always so on top of things, ready, willing and able to help at a moment's notice.

Website management is an understatement. Dominic has gotten me results that would qualify him for sainthood:}" - Kate Kelton


Australian Government:
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Smart TravellerInternet Marketing Consulting
The Smart Traveller campaign helps inform Australians travelling overseas about services provided by this Government Department. Their objective was to have people register their travel plans and contact details via their website and to provide information to Australians travelling overseas. We helped design an aspect of their online campaign to appeal to young people.

Gerard Mapstone -
Search Engine Optimisation - Google Reputation Management - Internet Marketing Consulting

Gerard is is one of Australia's finest classical and flamenco guitarists. He is currently living in Brisbane composing new works for guitar to be released at his album launch which will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse on the 8th of November.. He has studdied in Spain, London and Australia.

Laurie Suarez - Sand Crab Laurie
Search Engine Optimisation - Reputation Management - Social Media Campaigns

This site is used for an educational / mentoring program on brand management and marketing for Ms. Laurie Suarez.

Schoolies - National Youth Festival
Search Engine Optimisation - Website Graphic Design - Press Releases
Traffic: Over 50,000 unique visitors per month.

This is a non-profit property we own for the purposes of providing a peer-education program for high school graduates celebrating Schoolies Week at destinations around Australia.

SchooliesIt features a forum with over 10,000 members and a survival guide.

Featured on all commercial news programs in Australia as well the Today show, and all metro newspapers in Australia, on several radio programs including the ABC's Radio National and a number of popular magazines including Women's Day.
Search Engine Optimisation - Website Graphic Design - Press Releases
Traffic: Over 40,000 unique visitors per month.

This is a non-profit property we own to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness and share the details of our work with the homeless. It features a forum for current and former homeless people from around the world with over 3,000 members.

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